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What We Do   

Energy Resource Products helps our clients succeed! We do this by connecting places, meters, devices, assets and users delivering, in real-time, data that drives action. Our clients rely on us to develop and deploy new services, unlock new revenue opportunities, gain operational efficiencies and boost customer satisfaction. 

One location or thousands, our clients collect remote data, monitor places & equipment, receive alerts to conditions requiring action and have data analyzed as it arrives. Our clients manage everything from a single dashboard with computer, smart phone and tablet. Whether you are seeking to deploy a solution for your organization or build a connected product, to label and sell, Energy Resource Products can help.

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B3 Benchmarking Customers

B3 Benchmarking customers can now collect, measure and report energy consumption & water usage for their buildings at user-defined intervals from hourly to monthly. Energy Resource Products, combined with B3 Benchmarking, makes it possible for customers to sub-meter by individual buildings, spaces or by fuel end-use. Energy Resource Product's Sentry System, collects and transmits energy & water data automatically, thereby eliminating tedious, manual data entry. Sentry uploads your energy usage data directly to the B3 Benchmarking web-based system.  All of your energy consumption information is conveniently accessible from your existing B3 Benchmarking dashboard. To learn more about enhancing B3 Benchmarking visit the B3 Benchmarking page here.

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